German-speaking Switzerland Total Retail

The DOOH network for your presence in a top location. The retail screens have impressive performance values. Benefit from the high visibility and book a total of 475 advertising spaces at 243 locations as a package with Deutschschweiz at an excellent price/performance ratio. Consumers prove us right: DOOH is perceived as more innovative, entertaining, creative and interactive than other advertising formats (1).

With us you will be seen The placement of the screens allows us to address the target group while they are in the respective Post Office branch. To increase relevance, we use a combination of news, service information and paid content.

Network name
German-speaking Switzerland total Retail

Number of areas
475 advertising spaces at 243 locations in Environment Retail

Coverage placements:

Landscape format


PeriodGross price in CHFnet price in CHFGross contactsAdpressure
7 daysCHF 21’400CHF 17’9121’783’453 contacts
strong (all 3 minutes)
14 daysCHF 42’800CHF 34’2833’566’906 contactsstrong (all 3 minutes)
21 daysCHF 64’200CHF 45’8395’350’359 contactsstrong (all 3 minutes)
Our standard discounts apply (repeat and volume discounts)
Special discounts are considered individually

Technical specifications
All information on technical specifications (spot length, resolution, etc.) can be found on our website under this link.

The costs for production are not part of the listed prices and must be paid separately.

(1) DOOH-Report «sightline» April 22


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