Proof of Concept Jelmoli / Wincasa

Jelmoli Kaufhaus

The traditional Jelmoli company is located on Zurich's world-famous Bahnhofstrasse - the department stores' sells around 1,000 luxury brands over several floors. The adjoining car park in the basement is spread over 6 floors and offers visitors the perfect shopping experience. The car park is open 24 hours a day and is operated by Wincasa. In addition to the exclusive shopping experience, the offer is rounded off with a wide range of services and events.

Accordingly, both the parking garage and the business location are well frequented.

In 2020, a successful cooperation between the landlord and Livesystems was established. This includes 16 portrait-format digital screens (City Screens), which were placed in a prime location in the multi-storey car park directly next to the lifts and at the respective entrances of the Jelmoli department stores'. The screens are mainly used to address passers-by - they are shown a varied combination of news, local information and paid advertising content. The location partner also has the option of using the screens for its own communication, which is successfully and actively used.

We are very pleased to further expand our omnichannel strategy together with Livesystems. We want to bring the digital and analogue worlds closer together and offer our customers the perfect shopping experience - digitally with our online shop as well as on-site at Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse and at the airport. The high-quality screens fit perfectly into our overall concept because they not only enhance our location, but we can also use the screens for our own communication and thus integrate them perfectly into our 360-degree communication.

Cécile Moseread Marketing & Communication, Jelmoli AG
Jelmoli Parkhaus Cityscreen

With Livesystems we have a reliable and strong partner at our side for the digitalisation project in the Jelmoli car park. As the operator of the multi-storey car park, it was important for us to receive transparent advice and to be involved in all steps and to have a say in the decision-making process. The cooperation is long-term and does not involve any risk for us. The responsibility for maintenance, cleaning and service lies with the marketer, while we provide the location.

Seraina KnechtCommercial Manager, Wincasa AG

In addition to the placement, the impressive luminosity - in all lighting conditions - further enhances the perception.

The contracting parties Jelmoli, Wincasa and Livesystems have contractually recorded and successfully established the multi-year partnership.

The digitalisation of Jelmoli Parking is a personal project close to my heart and spurs me on every day to continue. The options for digital communication are versatile, the possibilities practically unlimited. With Jelmoli and Wincasa, we have top partners at our side - I am very much looking forward to our further cooperation. And of course also when we can convince other partners and make our contribution to a digital and connected world.

Christian ImhofCOO, Livesystems Group AG