VBZ offer -15% from 01.07-31.12

Take advantage of the perfect synergy of analogue and digital out of home with VBZ.

With a daily transport volume of over 800,000 passengers, VBZ is - alongside SBB - the largest transport company in Switzerland. The indoor and outdoor advertising options are correspondingly diverse. From inexpensive hanging boxes to exclusive full painting; VBZ is the right partner for your communication.

In an increasingly digital world, the demands on marketing campaigns are also changing. We want to meet these and expand the performance of your VBZ campaign. With the additional playout of your campaign on our DOOH channels, we not only increase the advertising pressure and the frequency of playout, but also create additional contact points to reach your target group as optimally as possible.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the technical specifications.

Your objective:brand awareness

Your coverage:VBZ line network & DOOH within the greater Zurich area

Unser Angebot-15% discount on your DOOH campaign extension

The deadline:Booking must be made by 31 December 2022

The booked campaign volume can be used flexibly until then.

Bild Tram VBZ Kampagne

Price - Format examples VBZ products

Suspension boxesInterior200 piece2 weeks
CHF 4‘360.–represented once in every 2nd vehicle
Window bannerInterior100 piece1 monthCHF 5‘100.–
Full rear advertising busExterior1 piece3 months
CHF 6‘800.–Articulated and Double Articulated Trolley Bus
Tram roof advertisingExterior1 piece3 months
CHF 11‘550.–Cobra Tram, Medium with Moving Poster

Production costs not included in the listed price. All information without guarantee, subject to change. 

DOOH offer

CoverageGreater Zurich area
EnvironmentsPublic Transport, Gas Station, Retail, City and Rail
FormatsPortrait and landscape format
Campaign durationUp to 28 days
Discount15 % on top of repeat and volume discount
Validity offercw 26-52 (01.07 - 31.12.2022)
Use of the reserved offerUntil cw 52 (31.12.2022)
Minimum bookingCHF 300 net/net
RemarkThe VBZ offer cannot be combined with other discounts and specials not mentioned here. Already offered and confirmed campaigns are excluded from the special.