Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising with Livesystems: precision in real time with Switzerland’s biggest digital OOH network

About programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising uses automated technologies to buy and sell advertising space in real time.

The benefits for you:

  • Extensive network: over 13,000 programmatically bookable digital screens in Switzerland, national coverage with around 60% reach within a week. (Source: Intervista, May 2024)
  • High accuracy through sophisticated targeting options.
  • Real-time analyses and responsiveness: instant feedback and the ability to adapt campaigns at short notice. Respond flexibly to occurrences such as weather changes.
  • Cost-efficiency: optimisation of your advertising budget through automated auction mechanisms.

Our network in figures (as of 05.06.2024):

ProductScreensVehicles / LocationLocation partner
Public Transport9'8045'06276
Gas Station2'65048518
City Screen34534025
Retail (post office branches)6614241

DSPs connected:

Angeschlossene DSPs

Source: Broadsign


What is the difference between programmatic advertising and traditional advertising?

Programmatic advertising uses automated technologies to purchase advertising space via auction based on predefined criteria and budgets in real time. In contrast to traditional advertising, which is defined in advance, programmatic advertising enables campaigns to be managed dynamically.

What data sources does Livesystems utilise for targeted advertising?

Livesystems uses Intervista’s Footprint Panel, which covers footfall, seasonality, weekdays and times in order to accurately calculate the target range of your advertising.

How can I measure the results of my campaigns?

Your demand-side platform (DSP) automatically gives you an overview of the campaign performance and can track results in real time.


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