Responsible action determines the future viability of Swiss companies. In doing so, it is important to reconcile economic interests with social and environmental aspects. In order to achieve our ecological, social and economic goals, we at Livesystems AG strategically anchor the principles of sustainability in our projects, processes and products.

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Sustainability Management

The task of our sustainability management is to implement the objectives defined in the sustainability strategy with the help of appropriate methods and measures, to determine the degree of achievement of the objectives and to communicate our successes effectively, as well as the potential for optimization.

In addition to external standards for responsible corporate management, the principles formulated in the company's charter and guidelines serve as guidance in this regard.

An essential part of our sustainability commitment is the annual Sustainability Report according to the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It contains the corporate eco-balance including the emissions balance according to the GHG Protocol (Scope 1-3).

Livesystems Sustainability

What sustainability means to us and which central fields of action are the focus of our sustainability programme are explained in detail in our sustainability mission statement. We report annually on the goals and progress of the individual measures in the GRI Sustainability Report.

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability Report 2022 Mission Statement

Our Stakeholder

Materiality analysis

We have regular dialogues with them on different issues and with varying frequency. This allows us to analyze and take into account their needs and expectations of our organization.

Materiality analysis

Our Guidelines

Our codes and guidelines concretely define our responsible actions as well as our requirements towards internal and external stakeholders.

Supplier Code Employee Code of Conduct

By constantly improving our internal processes and optimizing our products, we reduce our ecological footprint in order to achieve the energy and climate goals of the Swiss 2000-watt society.


Nos clients, nos partenaires et nos collaborateurs sont notre bien le plus précieux. Par l'estime, la transparence et l'habilitation, nous souhaitons créer en permanence une base positive pour la collaboration et devenir l'un des employeurs suisses les plus appréciés.


We work to be the number 1 DOOH provider in the Swiss advertising market. To achieve this, we value fair competition, adherence to compliance guidelines and codes of ethics as well as the security of our IT and our customers' data.


In everything we do, we leave a footprint. We aim to keep it as low as possible and to avoid as much as possible the negative effects of our business activities on the environment.

As a central strategic task, we focus on reducing emissions and increasing our energy and resource efficiency in order to achieve science-based national and global climate goals (such as the Swiss 2000-watt society and the Paris climate goals). Our focus is on the topics of energy & emissions, procurement, materials and recycling.

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Energy & Emissions

We will electrify our vehicle fleet by 2030, an important step towards achieving our goal of being climate-neutral along the value chain by 2040. We also make sure that the electricity we use for our office locations, digital screens and vehicles is certified green electricity, for example from Swiss hydroelectric and solar energy.
We are a founding member of the industry alliance "Green Media" and thus want to make our contribution to advertising that is as emission-neutral as possible - from production to broadcast. We compensate the CO2e emissions of the digital advertising campaigns of our direct clients via ClimatePartner into the project portfolio "emPOWERing Africa" for the promotion of renewable energies.


Procurement & Materials

When procuring new inventory, we take care to use energy-efficient technologies, pure resource-saving materials and modular construction. This allows us, for example, to replace the LED components of our displays individually, without having to replace the entire display. Short supply chains help to further reduce our carbon footprint. That's why we work mainly with national and European suppliers. We have defined sustainable purchasing criteria in corresponding guidelines.


Our goal is to reduce the volume of waste per employee by 5% per year. We have already succeeded in significantly reducing the number of PET bottles by providing all our employees with stainless steel bottles bearing our brand. The introduction of an efficient recycling system at all locations, "plastic-free" action days and other awareness-raising measures are further steps on the road to optimization.


It is very important to us that the people we come into contact with on a daily basis are satisfied. In order to become one of the most attractive employers in Switzerland, we focus on the topics of health, equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity as well as training and further education.

As a digital out-of-home provider with a strong reach, we also use our media presence to increase public awareness of sustainability issues.

Livesystems Sustainability - Gesellschaft

Health & Safety at work

In 2022, we introduced occupational health management in the company to intensively promote the well-being and occupational safety of our employees. Ergonomic workplaces, exercise promotion campaigns such as the "bike-to-work" challenge and mental health are just as important as flexible working models or extended maternity leave.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equal rights and diversity in terms of age, gender, religion, origin, political convictions and language are naturally experienced at our eight Swiss locations. In the future, we also want to actively integrate people with physical or mental disabilities into our organization and create a barrier-free working environment.

Education & Training

In a time of constant change and increasingly complex requirements, professional and personal development opportunities form the basis for long-term success. Active empowerment and extended decision-making scope are the greatest intrinsic motivators for our teams. Each employee also has access to an annual training budget, supplemented by competency-based internal training and a mentoring program for the onboarding of new colleagues.


Long-term business success requires credibility, respect, a forward-looking mindset and always fresh ideas. Compliance, IT and data security, digitization as well as innovation and technology are central aspects of Livesystems in the context of responsible corporate governance.

Livesystems Sustainability - Governance


Our compliance guidelines form the basis for fair competition and are in line with international guidelines. They strengthen trust in our company and at the same time demand respect for human rights in our supply chain.

IT and Data Security

Our requirements for the protection of internal information and customer data are based on the international information security standard ISO 27001. In a continuous process, we optimize our software solutions and work processes to meet all audit requirements.


Our digital competencies allow us to position ourselves as a driving force behind the digital transformation of the public space in Switzerland. In this way, we are successfully contributing to barrier-free access to information for citizens in the spirit of its "Smart City". By making good use of available data and digital know-how, we enable our customers to benefit from customized offers and flexible action.

Innovation & Technology

We tap into new market potential by investing in energy-efficient processing technologies and attractive solutions for our customers. For us, sustainable innovation means creating new or improved products, services, technologies and processes that offer positive added value to our stakeholders. To achieve this, we rely both on internal incubation through targeted idea management within our teams and on external partnerships.